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Freediving and Mental Health: Series Finale

This has been incredible to write. So many people have come forward to me personally, inspired to share their stories. If this is so universal, why hasn’t anyone studied it? The truth is, scientists have, and they continue to do so. I will certainly bring to you another series, but in the meantime, if you want to learn more – check out this book. It’s called “Blue Mind” and it is by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. By reading this book, you can get a “state of the union” when it comes to the current research on the link between water and mental health. I reached out to Dr. Nichols, and asked him to offer a quote for my series. Here is what he brought forward.

“The feeling of connection is called by many names: empathy, compassion, awe, transcendence, ecstasy, love, wonder, enlightenment, flow, unity, mindfulness. It is felt during prayer, meditation, and worship; in tasks that take us out of ourselves, and in the moments when we care for others; on days and evenings when we marvel at the stars or the rising sun. We feel connection in settings from the humblest of temples to the most beautiful synagogues, mosques, and cathedrals; in forests or mountains or lakeshores; when we stand next to sleeping children or gaze into the eyes of loved ones, or when we see or touch the creatures of this world and marvel at the magnificent diversity of life.” ~ Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind

In addition to his quote, let me offer to you my favorite passage from his book:

“We are participating in a dance of interdependence with our planet and its denizens, and that caring for our partners is, in fact, caring for ourselves. We understand that we have an interdependency that runs deeper than ecosystems, biodiversity, economics. Nature needs us, and we need nature. This enlightened self-interest is at the core of our very existence.”

There is no better time to come together and act. For the health of each one of you and to the health of our planet, I raise my glass to my readers. Thank you for taking this journey with me.