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Master Switch Freediving

You were built with what it takes.

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Freediving Classes & Experiences in Gainesville, Florida!

Master Switch Freediving offers a variety of courses and is prepared to train beginner divers or skilled divers who are looking to take their dives to the next level.


Please visit the website of Scuba Monkey Dive Center to find out more about course dates!


About Master Switch

Master Switch freediving courses are led by Freediving Instructor David Cobiella. David has been a certified diver since he was 12 years old and has received eight different diving certifications. David is also a co-founder of Kings of the Springs, a non-profit community that actively works to preserve and protect the Florida Springs. Through his instruction, you learn how to boldly, yet safely, explore the world in a way most people only dream of.

These courses are an excellent start to your journey into freediving! Learn to be an effective buddy for other divers as well as the fundamentals and techniques needed for the diving experience you have been hoping for. Book your course today!

Dive Into These Five-Star Reviews

Excellent Value for SCUBA Divers

I became a certified freediver with David about two months ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect in a freediving course because I’ve been diving my whole life but I ended up getting so much out of it - totally worth the cost and 1.5 days of training. The course walks you through everything from diving techniques and breath holds to water safety and rescue. The lessons from the PADI course are valuable on their own but David brings in outside experience from his time training with world renowned freedivers and sets you up for not just a new hobby, but a new lifestyle. He is clearly passionate about the sport and he works to protect the places he dives too. I think he may be the first freedive instructor to work environmental sustainability into his business model. Super impressive. If that’s not enough, he’s also patient, professional, a stickler for safety, and far more knowledgeable/experienced as a teacher than most. You’ll find out why when you take his course. I would 10/10 recommend David for your freediving needs!

– Tessa Skiles
New Personal Bests!

Received my PADI Level 1 Freediver certification through Master Switch Freediving in May 2019. David Cobiella is a fantastic instructor and truly passionate about both his work and springs conservation. With the help of David and his training I was able to achieve two personal bests during the course. Whether you are a novice or more experienced in the water, I highly recommend taking a course with Master Switch Freediving!

– Bradley W.
Ten Stars!

If you are curious about freediving but still on the fence... do it! The course is absolutely worth it to learn techniques, safety, risk, and good buddy skills! David truly loves what he does and seeing people succeed! 10/10 recommend.

– Tia T.
Highly Recommend!

Just finished my first freediving certification course with David at Master Switch Freediving. It was an incredible experience! David has the exact temperament you want in someone teaching these skills...he was very thorough, professional, focused, patient, and calm throughout the entire course. And as a bonus, he made us laugh! His attention to detail and ability to teach buddy procedures through repetition will undoubtedly serve each and every one of his students very well. By the end of the course, I was able to dive deeper than I ever expected and felt confidant in my ability to perform rescue procedures. I do not hesitate to give David the highest recommendation.

– Haley M.
Great Experience

When my brother and I booked our class. We were unsure how things would be. This class exceeded all our expectations. David is an awesome teacher and helped us set new personal bests and do things I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I have recommended Master Switch Freediving to my friends and I plan to book David again when I am ready for more advanced training.

– Michael M.

Worth your time, worth your money, worth your safety! I FREAKING LOVED my course with the instructor, David. You can tell he's a teacher for a living. We learned a ton, gained a huge confidence boost for diving, and had a blast doing it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for brand new divers or even experienced ones. You can't get this level of knowledge by practice or the internet!

– Brent F.